A Quick Workout For Busy People

It normally takes me about two hours a day to get to work, that is two hours each day of wasted time. At home, I am busy with my family. With a bit of luck, I may get five hours of sleep each night. An evening at the gym is a very remote dream. How can I have a workout at home, that can take less than an hour?

On top of work I also have to keep the house running. Between house cleaning, picking up the children, soccer games, putting dinner on the table and attending PTA Meetings, my day is very busy. Spending time at the gym is not going to happen. So I requires a quick workout programme.

Yet despite how hectic my life is. I have managed to schedule exercise into my life.

So what’s the solution?

Time is a huge problem with a lot of people. You want to lose weight, burn the fat and gain muscle; but, when could you do it? With this excercise programme, you could practise your workout in seven minutes. It is just enough time for an effective workout.

The 7 Minute Muscle Program consists of Five – 7 Minute Workouts. You can do these on a Monday to Friday week or whatever is convenient for you. Anytime during the day can work.

Where Did The Programme Come From?

The 7 Minute Workout is based on a short-burst training techniques. They turn out to be extremely high intensity workouts. You will be fatigued, after the workout. It’s available to download via the app store or google play.

How Does the Programme Work?

The program is arranged for a five day work week. You target an individual part on each day. The parts contain: Chest, Back, Legs, Biceps, and Shoulders. This gives you a total body workout.

Each day you concentrate on one body part. For the workout, you execute two intense sets in seven minutes. Then, you are exhausted and your muscles are tense. Over time, rest will continue to help shape with your muscles.

The programme has three variations:

a) Beginners – 7 Minute Workouts

b) Intermediate – 14 minute workouts

c) Advanced – 21 Minute workouts

What I liked about this is that with the 7 Minute Muscle Programme, ladies are included. One video shows three women who have profited from the programme. Women like a toned body without the bulging muscles. This programme has supported the ladies, as well.

What About Your Diet?

The 7 Minute Muscle Programme is a complete diet and exercise programme. The Every Other Day Diet acquaints you to nutritious foods that can give you energy. Foods that can burn body fat.

The package includes:

1. E-book with diet and exercise program.

2. 6 Training Videos that display the workouts.

Although given my new love for Paleo, I am using that instead.

Is There A Guarantee?

If the programme does not work for you, there is a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. But, at least, try the programme. You ought to see results in 60 days.

How are we doing?

For Hubby, a quick workout before dinner, worked for him. Hubby kept up with his training, every day. I can see the change in hos body shape and also he says his energy levels have increased..

I have found that late evenings work best for me when the children are in bed. I can definately feel that I am getting stronger and my body shape is changing.

You Can, Too!

The 7 Minute Muscle Programme has 7 minute intense workouts that can help you to build muscle and burn fat. You will see results, within a few weeks. Yes, you can get that well toned and rock hard body by exercising 7 minutes each day.

Here is a video clip showing the type of exercise you can expect: