What is the Paleo Diet?

Obesity and excess weight is a major issue and it’s not just something that is a problem in our country. As I got on the scales at the turn of the year I realised it was a problem for me. Yes it is a national crisis. The cost to the NHS is massive because of the sheer number of people with weight problems and obesity related illnesses. This is constantly on the rise and I am determined not to be part of the problem.

What have I learned about the Paleo diet?

I recently discover the caveman diet and although it took some convincing I am hooked. Paleo is just a way of looking at what our ancestors ate and realising that our bodies where designed to eat what they ate.

Our cavemen ancestors didn’t have beer, wine or spirits following a tough working day, they ate natural and they ate organic.

Coffee and Tea are ok in moderation, and also soda, nevertheless make certain it is the diet or sugar free variety.

The biggest change was for the kids because they normally started their day by consuming cereals. Not only is it the grains they go against Paleo teaching but the hidden sugar contained in breakfast cereals. How does your kid’s teeth react to such a sugary breakfast?

As well as going Paleo we are also going organic. It is shocking what is put onto our food to kill bugs and as a result it goes into our bodies.

Also beware! There is a large problem today. Food companies are packaging food as being healthy for our bodies. Cheap processed food is not healthy and often contains hidden sugar.

Another obsession that people seem to have is shopping at a health store thinking that their food is healthy food. Organic does not always mean wholesome. There are many organic cookies, sweet, etc., which are full of sugar and will do nothing to help you with your bid to lose weight.

A great source of natural protein is eggs. These are very much on the breakfast menu.

We are mainly eating fruits and veggies. The more organic the better really, and nearby we have a local farm which is amazing! Also, I have learned the darker the fruit or veggie, the better because it has much more concentrated vitamins.

You can diet plan all that you want, but I am afraid there is no avoiding exercise. This will increase the health benefits that you will receive from a Paleo Diet and it can be a great deal of fun. It is all based on what workouts you select and picking something that is enjoyable. Workouts can help you to lose weight quicker because they speed up your metabolic rate, especially as you gain muscle mass. The extra muscle you gain from exercising means that your body naturally burns more energy. Even when you are sat at your desk!

I hope you enjoyed my introduction to the Paleo diet!

Are You Good with Time and Money?

our goals

Money is something that everyone spends in different ways. We make good and poor choices with our money. Some individuals who have a ton of money invest it foolishly, while some who have very little discover how to manage it and make it last. In a capitalist society money is not something that will ever be distributed evenly.

One factor, however, that is the same for everyone is time. Each person is given 24 hrs a day. How you spend your time can make a big difference to your life. Career success, your earnings, and also your health and are more linked to your time than they are your money.

Education is the key to prosperity, and I am not talking about formal education. Some of the smartest people that I know do not have a formal education. They do share one thing in common though, and that is an inner drive for prosperity and success.

They also seem to not look to others, or make excuses as to why their life is the way it is. Taking responsibility to gain more understanding in a subject matter can lead to wealth and prosperity. Which is why I have decided to start a blog. I want to change my life for the better one day at a time and one blog post at a time.

Another area I feel that we need to improve on as a family is reducing our unnecessary costs. We have taken the drastic step of cancelling our satellite TV subscription. It was a difficult one getting all family members to agree to a new budget as we look for new ways to reduce our costs.

We keep track of minor expenses as they can all add up, like dinners out, entertainment and not buying too many groceries.

Thinking outside of the box and investigating new possibilities is my aim. It might include dramatic changes like downsizing our home, selling possessions or even going down to one vehicle but I am determined to make this change.

This new lease of life was inspired by two recent books that I read, perhaps I will post a review at some stage. For now I encourage you to read Rich Dad Poor Dad. Also take a loom at The 4-Hour Work Week – this is another book that has drastically changed my life.

Other resources I am using are the Money Saving Expert website – we have also signed up up for an Osper card with the aim of helping to teach our children about money.

Another guy that is having a huge impact on our life at the moment is Robb Wolf – his podcast is an inspiration to help you each right.

There is a lot of change happening in the family but the aim to to get control of our finances, diet and to build a new business venture.